Webinar: Profit Protection Through the World of Advanced Data Analytics

Please join Sysrepublic’s Shannon Stilwell for a whole new way to envision retail data. “Profit Protection Through the World of Advanced Data Analytics” is a Loss Prevention Magazine webinar that will discuss how data can provide a 21st century foundation for your “holistically minded” loss prevention, profit enhancement program.

Below are a few of the highlights that we will be discussing:

  • The capabilities of data and modern systems
  • Globalization of analysis based upon the needs of your business
  • 360⁰ analytics—a complete approach that addresses employee activity, customer behavior, systemic controls, and business culture
  • Leveraging the use of holistic data to provide essential operational intelligence for partners throughout your organization, including operations, HR, merchandisers, and buyers
  • Much, much more.

Click HERE for the replay!