Scotmid joins the SECURE Alliance

The family of Scotmid Co-operative businesses operates over 330 stores throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England. These are made up of over 190 food convenience stores, 140 Semichem stores and seven Fragrance House stores – all delivering excellent availability and service you would expect from Scotmid.

In a further step toward keeping costs down and managing a healthy business on behalf of its Members, Scotmid has now invested in Sysrepublic’s SECURE solution for Profit Protection. Jim McFedries, Head of Profit Protection at Scotmid knew from his previous experience on joining Scotmid in 2011, that preventing losses related to internal “shrink” and process errors could be automated and improved. He very soon set about evaluating the alternatives and after rigorous comparisons, settled on SECURE from Sysrepublic. Says Jim, “I was aware that Profit Protection systems can provide a sure return on investment, but my previous experience had taught me that not all solutions are the same. Scotmid is a very progressive organisation and we are growing rapidly. We needed a solution that was agile and adaptable, where we didn’t need specialist expertise to shape the investigations that look into internal losses at our stores. Self-sufficiency, ease of use, the choice of centralised or distributed analysis and a dynamic “dashboard” of prioritised activities for our field people were all important to us.”

Ken George, EMEA Sales Director at Sysrepublic commented “Scotmid really tested us to make sure they got a solution that met the needs of their business – not just the technology and service we offer but in terms of the sustainability of SECURE as a solution that will go on reducing operational costs for years to come. Our long-term customers, who include many of the major UK and USA supermarkets and community store chains, were important references for Scotmid in this respect.”